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Peggy Albers ( is a professor in the College of Education at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA.  She is the Ph.D. coordinator for the Language and Literacy unit in the College of Education. In conjunction with faculty in the Language and Literacy unit, she has designed and developed this site to support the work of doctoral students and engage them in strong mentoring across their program. Each fall and spring, doctoral students present their experiences and expertise on a range of topics including Planning the Program of Study, Residency Plans, Writing for Publication, Preparing the Prospectus. Although designed for L&L students, those who access this site may also join in on these web seminars.

In addition to her doctoral web seminars, in 2009, Peggy originated a series of web seminars that featured doctoral students sharing their research and process. In 2010, she redesigned this web series to include literacy scholars of all ranks. Today, Global Conversations in Literacy Research is fast-growing with large numbers of those interested in literacy attending these free online seminars at  ( This series of web seminars features leading literacy scholars and cutting-edge literacy research. Now in its third year, the web seminars project has developed into an active and important forum for literacy researchers across the globe.

Tuba Angay-Crowder

Tuba Angay-Crowder

Tuba Angay-Crowder is a doctoral student in Language and Literacy in the College of Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. She taught English in various grade levels in her home country Turkey, and the US. She worked with ESL teachers in England, and the US where she also have been volunteering at teaching English to refugees at International Rescue Committee. Her research interest are L2 writing, multiliteracies, and academic literacies. She can be contacted at

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