9-24-2012 Thinking Strategically: Preparing and Successfully Defending Comprehensive Exams

Thinking Strategically: Preparing and Successfully Defending Comprehensive Exams

Eliza Allen, Kamania Wynter – Hoyte, Ann Marie Jackson,  Sanjuana Rodriguez, and Tarika Sullivan – White

September 24, 2012 8:00 p.m. EST/USA

Please click on this link within 30 minutes of the presentation: 


Eliza Allen, Tarika Sullivan-White, Kamania Wynter-Hoyte, Sanjuana Rodriguez, and Ann Marie Jackson

In this session, the presenters will candidly discuss their journey in preparing for comprehensive exams. Presenters will provide a detailed account on how they made the decision with their advisor to begin comprehensive exams.  More importantly, a discussion will take place on how to make sense of content learned throughout one’s doctoral studies in order to formulate a reading list to help a candidate engage thoughtfully with their readings. The presentation will also provide attendees with a prospective system for organizing course readings, papers, presentations, and papers to assist in the written portion of the comprehensive examinations.  Additionally, the presenters will detail how a reading group and a note taking system can help lessen the stress of preparation. Once the twenty days have begun, the presenters will discuss how to organize one’s time and writing to successfully submit the exam. Furthermore, a discussion will take place on how and when to complete the syllabus and manuscript, a secondary component of the comprehensive examination process. Finally, a discussion will occur on what a candidate may expect during the oral defense and how to prepare.

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