11-11-2012 Getting the Ball Rolling

 Getting the Ball Rolling: Developing a Course of Study, a Relationship with your Advisor and your Curriculum Vitae 

Presented by

Ryan N. Boylan
Doctoral Student, GSU

Sunday, November 11, 2012
8:00 p.m. (USA/New York Time Zone)

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Ryan Boylan

Upon beginning the doctoral program, students generally worry about registering for classes and getting through those first few classes. However, it is during this time that some of the most important work in the program needs to be undertaken. This includes the development of three elements: a) the course of study; b) a relationship with your advisor; and c) your curriculum vitae. Once these elements are developed and put into play, the hard work will be done (except for comps and the dissertation) and you can take care of the day to day business of working towards the completion of your program. While developing these areas may seem daunting, it is actually relatively easy to do. It simply takes time and planning. In this presentation, you will be introduced to key strategies that will help you to develop each of these areas and set you up for success in your doctoral program.

Ryan Boylan is a doctoral student in Language and Literacy at George State Univeristy and his research interest include Foreign Language Education, specifically how the teaching of language in a cultural context influences language proficiency among students.

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