Nicole Pettitt & Molly Friesenborg – An introduction to community-engaged research


Nicole Pettitt & Molly Friesenborg – An introduction to community-engaged research

An introduction


community-engaged research

will be presented by

Nicole Pettitt (Doctoral Student at Georgia State University)  & Molly Friesenborg  (Director of Programs at Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta)    

May 3rd, 2015, 8:00 pm, USA/New York Time Zone

Please join the seminars by clicking on the link below within 90 minutes of the start of the seminar (Click here for technical support if needed)


Many doctoral students find that their research interests take them beyond the borders of their institutions and into their surrounding communities – after-school programs, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and more. While many community-based organizations and PhD students could benefit greatly from research partnerships, practical training in community-based research is difficult to come by in most PhD programs. This seminar is intended as an introduction for PhD students interested in conducting research in community-based settings, as well as current or potential community partners.

  • The continuum of research ABOUT a community, research IN a community, and research WITH a community
  • Building inclusive community relationships that benefit both partners
  • Negotiating competing or conflicting demands and investments in community-university partnerships/research
  • Navigating timelines and common stumbling blocks
  • Research ethics: important questions — including language(s), literacy, and the IRB
  • Resources for moving forward


Meet Nicole Pettitt & Molly Friesenborg


Nicole Pettitt

Nicole Pettitt is a PhD Student in Applied Linguistics and ESL at Georgia State University. As a Language and Literacy Research Fellow, she conducts research in and with community-based educational organizations. Her current work centers on the English language and literacy learning of adult and adolescent refugees with interrupted formal schooling – as well as teacher education in those contexts. Her previous experience spans non-profit and higher education settings, and includes teaching ESL and Spanish, grant writing, program administration, board service, and service-learning program coordination.

Molly Friesenborg

Molly Friesenborg is the Director of Programs at Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta. She has experience with a variety of youth serving agencies with strengths in informal education and program development. Her past experience also includes non-profit fundraising and marketing, specializing in individual giving and special events. Friesenborg currently serves as Board Chair of the Young Nonprofit Professional Network of Atlanta, is an AmeriCorps alumna and was awarded the Nonprofit Leader “30 Under 30” Award by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.





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