Rebecca Rohloff Barria – Writing the IRB Research Protocol

Rebecca Rohloff Barria – Writing the IRB Research Protocol

Writing the IRB Research Protocol

will be presented by

Rebecca Rohloff Barria- Doctoral student at Georgia State University

February 15, 2015, 8:00 pm, USA/New York Time Zone)

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So you’ve got a great idea for a qualitative study, located a potential research site, and hashed out the details with your advisor. Now it’s IRB time… Now what?!

This presentation will guide doctoral students through writing the research protocol, from crafting the first draft to obtaining study approval, by using the presenter’s first study as an example. The presentation will focus on the key components of the research protocol (summary, rationale, objectives, methodology, data management and analysis, and ethical considerations) by addressing such things as writing style and what details to include in which sections of the protocol. For example, will the investigator video/audio record participants in the field? If so, how many devices will be used, where will they be placed, and how long will participants be recorded? Does this fit into the methodology section or under data management? Or both? Additionally, the presentation will address supplementary documents, such as informed consent forms, parental permission forms, and recruitment materials, with a highlight on working with children under the age of required assent. For example, what if a child lacks the verbal skills to convey discomfort? When, in that case, might the investigator terminate the child’s participation in the study? The presentation will include tips for writing a strong protocol and pitfalls to avoid, supported by examples from the presenter’s experience with the IRB process.

Meet Rebecca Rohloff Barria

Rebecca Rohloff Barria

Rebecca Rohloff Barria

Rebecca Rohloff Barria is a doctoral student in the Language and Literacy program at Georgia State University. She has experience teaching students from eighteen months old to eighteen years old in subjects ranging from Language Arts to Computer Science. Her research interests include writing development, the intersection of children’s play and literacy practices, motivation, and literate identity formation.


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